Tuesday, March 10, 2020


To be weaving this length approx 3 metres long and 10cm wide. I have used 100% wool, for both warp and weft. The weft is made up of single or 2 or 3 threads and the lifting order is a 2/2 twill (12,23,34,41) which has created some interesting outcomes. 

The fabric feels firm on the loom but I am looking forward to seeing how the handle is once off the loom. I had sett it quite close as I wanted to bring out the firmness of the yarn.

The contrasting from the two reds with the white single thread I am hoping will look ok.

Above is two reds on reds. The interesting pattern that comes from the dyed warp.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cotton Spinning

Cotton waiting for me to tie off then wash and onto deciding what project/s to use it in.

This skeiner was a beautiful gift from my sister in 2018, it is one of two I was given the other is smaller which will be very handy. The white cotton is Egyptian cotton approx 3cm fibre length (as the label says). This is a very soft fibre and I used a new, and a slightly taller Talki spindle.

I used an electric spinner to ply 3 threads that I had wound these onto a knitting needle together.  This has it's pros and cons but am following the instructions I was given at the course I attended at handweavers and spinners guild Melbourne. Great teacher and day learning on 5th January 2020.

I had brought some coloured cotton at Australian sheep and wool show over last couple of years. So here it is as 5 or 6 threads -some coloured and couple white pima cotton.  I find it interesting the effects that happen when blending and using different colours be that in cotton or wool.
     The bobbin on right is less threads of         colour so the white is showing more. 

This is a mid size Turkish spindle with pima cotton -a much shorter fibre than the Egyptian cotton.  I have used this spindle for spinning cotton as it holds more. The pima was part of materials fee option at workshop. 

Coloured is Egyptian cotton plyed after winding multiple threads onto a weaving bobbin. The strength of colour plays together is much strongerfor this spinning experience than blending with white.

This is what I did in class. You can see the white from materials pack. This is also the Talki I got as part of the pack. Very portable and nice to use. Tiny only 3cm across the brass section spins very fast. In class i used a bowl now I have a plastic case which doubles as carry all for what i put on instead  of a bowl and it carries my the cotton spinning afterwards.

This is fun bit from class it is a new floss and cotton shows how the fibres work. 

Cotton in its natural state. I am aiming to spin from one of these in the future. 

Now i can spin short fibres here comes the camel fibre i have had for some time. 

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Hanging Rock Winery Sculpture Show

  I went to see the Sculptures in Hanging Rock Winery this week and also saw these amazing trees. The Sculptures are all ones which move in the wind. i was amazed at the mixture of works. This is my 1st time seeing the Sculptures and it is on from October 2019 to February 2020. Check dates for Sculptures finish soon. A smoky day after yesterday's rain yet still lovely time. 
A few if the Sculptures i saw. Very inspirational and fun.
Hanging rock in the distance.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Spin, dye, to Yarn

To go from fleece to yarn is bringing much intriguing effects. I went from the 2nd image to the first and was amazed at the outcome. A process which brings with each step a varying mix of responses, but I keep going because the learning of what happens to the wool each time it is changed is stimulating ideas and play.

I was felting into noodles; from fleece which then gave myself the idea of using the drawn out sections of fleece in spinning was a possibility. What everyone will have guessed by now. Is that I have only been shown a very basic amount of spinning on a drop spindle and this is working for now as it allowed for me to accept each yarn made and colour; I played with teaching myself new things without judgement.

Watching fleece that is so vibrant while drying. Then below I am testing out ways to store, show the colours with plaiting.

The process of making my own yarn or in future felt or other ideas from my own dyed fibre/yarns is fun or who knows sell to people to make exciting textile pieces.

To end this blog I show some more spinning on the 3D spindle; I got from the Bendigo Wool and Sheep show last year. I have many more options of colour and types of wool that are now on a long list of trying and using in textiles.

Motto - Remember fun, play and experimentation in fibre brings much joy.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I have started to explore fibre from its basic processed point of cleaned, carded commercially. What would I do to this material of wool that is sourced locally by myself and here is the start. I ended up with many fun moments in many processes that I can now do more comfortably. A old idea from many moons ago and I thought unachievable is now done in a new and different way for me. But I start with dyeing, using food colour, much time, patience and choices of which colours, red, blue, green, pink, sooooo many to do.  Then I practise my new skill drop spindle spinning which gives many hours of portable fun and conversation starters. along with comfort in finally spinning as a standard wheel is not an option.

I  use fibre from others this time to make lamp, which also included glittery bits. I then brought together my light shade with my spinning to explore shape and interest which was always there in the fibre.  I do a sort of pre-draft of the sliver that made it easier to manage thickness of spun fibre and still allows me to stretch out the strand into hopefully a nice single yarn. (SEE BELOW)Plying was still new and has changed the way the singles looked. The many colours in the images shows how it gives a very interesting end 2 ply wool yarn again drop spindle done.

I have been wanting to make lights but wondering how the heat effects natural materials like wool, cotton, silk and how to keep the safety and beauty working together and now we have low watt globes and LED lights has opened new possibilities.

  The making of an idea that pops into existence by ones hand and looks as it did or even better is such amazing ideal experience.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Warp Dyed

                          Nature, Natural, 3D

        The start of dyeing warps and weaving them. The gave the first of these as a thank you but forgot to photograph. These two have been seen in local exhibition in March. 
Two of three from warp.
          I liked making the frames for these, painting the timbers, the work also included branches and some alpaca given to me from some kind locals, that I dyed and felted.
Back of loom 
         Weaving away in the studio, using both plain weave and a Huck lace from my favourite weave book (a gift).
Alpaca dyed and both wet & needle felted.
            I have been exploring other ideas with patterns and coloured weft. So a little bit woven to see and further the possibilities.
Testing idea for future weaves. 
            The front woven plain weave for panel, at this stage I was thinking a different end item. I may still do my original idea.
Working away on loom of dyed warp.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Prize for the Ball

I had been making and with the local Ball coming up I thought I would donate a couple of weavings, it felt good to give two pieces I had made, for the raffle and know two new owners would get a hand made created in enjoyment, using local wool yarns.

The above has been won by my friend which was funny result, but a very happy person.

I have woven two like the above but they are different slightly due to colour used in weft. one has been won and to which I was honoured to have say will be worn with admiration, the other I have given to Stephen as he was first pulled out but as he is on the team to the ball, redraw, so he received the other one which he's wearing around the house as proud as punch.


To be weaving this length approx 3 metres long and 10cm wide. I have used 100% wool, for both warp and weft. The weft is made up of single o...