Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Warp Dyed

                          Nature, Natural, 3D

        The start of dyeing warps and weaving them. The gave the first of these as a thank you but forgot to photograph. These two have been seen in local exhibition in March. 
Two of three from warp.
          I liked making the frames for these, painting the timbers, the work also included branches and some alpaca given to me from some kind locals, that I dyed and felted.
Back of loom 
         Weaving away in the studio, using both plain weave and a Huck lace from my favourite weave book (a gift).
Alpaca dyed and both wet & needle felted.
            I have been exploring other ideas with patterns and coloured weft. So a little bit woven to see and further the possibilities.
Testing idea for future weaves. 
            The front woven plain weave for panel, at this stage I was thinking a different end item. I may still do my original idea.
Working away on loom of dyed warp.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Prize for the Ball

I had been making and with the local Ball coming up I thought I would donate a couple of weavings, it felt good to give two pieces I had made, for the raffle and know two new owners would get a hand made created in enjoyment, using local wool yarns.

The above has been won by my friend which was funny result, but a very happy person.

I have woven two like the above but they are different slightly due to colour used in weft. one has been won and to which I was honoured to have say will be worn with admiration, the other I have given to Stephen as he was first pulled out but as he is on the team to the ball, redraw, so he received the other one which he's wearing around the house as proud as punch.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moments are Out, Even is Uneven


I have been making since the end part of Dec 2013 on a number of small weavings that would in a moment create an image in my mind. It then moved to the small looms and 4 selvedge method of weaving Tapestry. Colour seemed to answer itself almost with myself viewing these two colours sitting comfortably together in a box, one soft the other stiff and man-made. 

To make is always a mixture of excitement and wonder how an idea comes to life and develops into the expression of emotion, thought and soul of both the materials and my response to them thus giving myself the encouragement to make.

I then came to finish the weaving when I realised that each piece was not yet complete, the sense of a completed work was when they were on their backgrounds which gave the weavings a place to call home.

These works are being shown as my solo exhibition and I am pleased how they have come together as both a body of work and individual pieces.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

I have made using what I recall as an amazing technology in its day - not that long ago, 20 years approx, it has gone from the tv to myself making Video into wall hangings, abstract baskets to weaving as a weft and sometime in the future warp to express my fascination for some years.

 It started with this dress which a friend kindly modelled for myself and I even received a prize for flamboyant fantasy some years ago..

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Abstract is back

It has been happening while I figure out why the seem to make themselves with only myself getting fun from knowing that I have dyed the wool and removing what others might think of as rules. To me itself about shape, both deliberate and accidental as that has been my life for the last year.
These are how does one respond to texture, shape, form, perfection and faulty?

To leave the yarn has challenged some people but to myself it is how I need to let the piece be with it and me in harmony about the outcome.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Gift for a Friend

A gift made by two for a friend.

 The wrapping was on a core of cotton with red possum and black bamboo/wool.
 Metal of red and black with a core of copper adds a richness to the creation........basket.
Shaped elements to remind us how nature is always adjusting and creating much pattern, texture and beauty for us.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time passing - when to make Again

It has been a hectic time that is too much to explain. But I have finally got four warps partly on two looms. By this I mean I have wound four warps beamed them but only one is threaded and I have yesterday started weaving.

I know I was supposed to open my wonderful OLD 1850's STUDIO to the world and show it and what I do to you all, but life throws curve balls and sometimes we or me in this case just decides (after some pushing by faceless, nameless people) I hit the ball, into a better place I hope. I will always come back to me and that itch to make comes back with more - so I am pleased about this. The studio is still a work in progress but I now have a purple (me) door and the step will be fixed better than a patch up job. I hope people will come when I get game to open Moments studio - which is what I named the studio as I have had where life can change for the good or bad in a moment but it is a moment in my life.

I am weaving a yellow/red on a white warp which is challenging as I do little with yellow - but it seemed needed for my soul. I have made a small piece for a friend's birthday which I enjoy.

I would like to thank all my friends who have been and are their for myself during this time, too see them make is always great to my soul to look at beautiful textiles, glass and metalsmithing of such talented people.

A Warp Dyed

                          Nature, Natural, 3D         The start of dyeing warps and weaving them. The gave the first of these as a t...